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Royal Oak Farm Learning Series

Royal Oak Farm Orchard is happy to present the first product in our Orchard Management Series. Our products for orchard management are designed to enhance the capacity of orchard growers in most aspects of fruit cultivation. Products we plan to include are videos, books and other resources on orchard establishment, pruning, IPM, nutrient management, pest management and home orchard management.


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Easy Steps to Fruit Tree Pruning DVD

Whether you have a backyard orchard, a newly planted tree or an old neglected, out of control monster, you will get good results with the help of the tried-and-true pruning methods presented in this DVD.

Demonstrations in the video include:

  • Tools you need and how to use them
  • Training Systems – first planting to mature trees for Open Center, Central Leader and Espalier
  • How to handle old neglected trees
  • How trees grow

We use “Easy Steps to Fruit Tree Pruning” as a training tool here at Royal Oak Farm with all of our new employees.  It is one of the better, if not the best video available today on the proper pruning methods.  I highly recommend it for anyone who would like to learn how to properly prune fruit trees.

Gary A. Moulton is a horticulturist and fruit tree grower with both practical and theoretical experience. He is a graduate of Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo (B. Science), with a Master's Degree in Plant Pathology- Fruit, from Washington State University. Involved in continuing tree fruit research since 1980 at WSU, and as a partner in a commercial orchard since 1984, he works with the latest and most efficient pruning methods. He has taught these skills in hands-on classes for the public, given at the University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture and at community colleges. As guest expert on the weekly television program "Gardening with Ed Hume, he has demonstrated the techniques for simple and effective pruning presented in this tape.
Tanglefoot Red Sphere Apple Maggot Traps

The apple maggot fly is a major pest for both home and commercial orchards. Apple Maggots infest apples, pears, apricots, and plums. Adult female flies pierce the fruit skin, depositing eggs inside the fruit. Newly hatched larvae tunnel throughout the fruit, causing brown streaks in the flesh. Trapping the female flies during this egg laying cycle reduces the damage to your fruit. Tangle Trap Red Sphere Traps offer a simple but effective non-spray means of interrupting this crucial step in the insect's life cycle. Usually one trap per 6' to 8' tree, 2 traps per 9' to 12' tree and 3 traps per 14' to 16' tree is suffencint to control this pest.

Features of Tanglefoot Red Sphere Traps :

  • Lures apple maggots flies away from the fruit as they search for egg laying sites
  • Use for apple, pear, apricot, and plum trees
  • Trap is formulated to remain sticky over wide temperature ranges and wet weather
  • Clear and odorless coating
  • Pesticide free

Each kit contains:

  • 3 - traps
  • 3 - metal hook hangers
  • 3 - twist ties
  • 1 - 8 oz. tangle trap insect trap coating
  • 1 - Instruction sheet

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